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Zhovti Vody
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General Characteristic

Zhovti Vody town is situated on the border of Dnipropetrovs'k and Kirovograd Regions at the distance of 136 km to the west from the regional center and in 71 km to the north from the town of Kryvyy Rih.

The town occupies the area of 3325 ha, with the population being 52 thous. inhabitants.

Village of Sukha Balka remains in the administrative subordination of the municipal council.

Since early times, the valley of Zhovta river with its confluents was called Zhovti Vody tract because of the yellow color of water, here and there washing surface outcrops of iron ore on the territory of today's town.

History of the town is connected with the first remarkable victory gained by the Ukrainian-and-Tatar army under Bogdan Khmelnitsky leadership over Polish gentry in April-May 1648. Scythian and Cossack graves located within the town, belong to the State historical memorials.

Foundation of Zhovta River settlement goes back to 1895.

25 political party cells and 42 public organizations were registered in the town so far.

Mineral Resources

In 1950, recoverable reserves of uranic ores were discovered in magnetite deposits of two small-sized mines of Kryvorizky basin.

The Eastern Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise (Skhidny GZK), being the principal enterprise of the town since 1951 to present day, was built for uranic ores mining.

Since fifties of the past century, Zhovti Vody is the only locality in Ukraine where uranium raw materials, the nuclear fuel base stock for Ukrainian nuclear-power engineering, are mined and processed.


Main lines of the economic activity include processing of uranium raw materials, production of artificial fur, gas appliances, wireless instrument making. Share of the town in the total industrial output of the region is 0.7%.

470 plants and factories are located within the town, including 14 key enterprises.

The Eastern Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise (Skhidny GZK) OJSC is a town-forming enterprise, engaged in processing of uranic ore (its share in the total industrial output of the town makes nearly 70%), with the number of employees being 3.8 thous. persons.

Now Zhovti Vody is the nuclear center of Ukraine, supplier of uranium concentrate for nuclear power plants.

Pivdenny Radio Equipment Plant OJSC is included into the state joint-stock holding company Dniprovs'kyy Machine-Building Plant.

Science and Education

Below listed are the educational institutions of the town: lyceum of scientific-and-natural education; humanities gymnasia named after Lesya Ukrainka (Ukrainian poetess); 7 secondary schools of general education; incomplete secondary school; 2 educational-and-pedagogic complexes (Dyvosvit, Perspectiva); special school for children with mental deficiencies; Children's Creative Work Center; Zhovtovods'kyy Industrial Technical School at the Dnipropetrovs'k National University; higher professional school No. 70; Zhovtovods'kyy normal school at the Kryvoriz'kyy State Pedagogic University; Strategy Business Undertakings Institute.

Health Protection

The medical and preventive establishments below are rendering health care services to the citizens: medical-and-sanitary division No. 9, town hospital, 3 polyclinics, 5 pharmacies, sanitary-and-epidemiological station, preventorium.

Territorial center with the departments of servicing single and elderly people and social-and-communal rehabilitation is operating as well.


Cultural institutions of the town include Folk Arts', Cultural and Entertainment Center (Lenin Palace of culture), where the people's collectives below are working: Yunist amateur circus, theater, Veselka choir, Gorlytsya folklore group, Svitanok dance group, brass band, and photographic studio. In November 2003, Veselka folk choir took part in the creative performance of Dnipropetrovshchyna masters of arts and artistic groups in the National Palace Ukraine. The children's music school (380 pupils), Rodyna club, 32 libraries, Yu. Prygozhin municipal museum, cinemas, House of Children and Youth are available in Zhovti Vody as well.

Municipal historical museum numbers thousands of valuable exhibits. Every year, this Museum is visited by over 8 thousand people, - town inhabitants, guests from the other Ukrainian cities and foreign countries. Special parties with the assistance of musicians, artists, actors and literary men are traditionally held in the assembly hall of the Museum. Cultural center uniting talented and creative people was established at the Museum.

Halls of the Museum, with its interesting exhibits and models, tell about liberation movement of the Ukrainian people in 1648-1654 years, about the Great Patriotic War, formation and development of the first deposit Vesela Ivanivka, and evolution of extractive industry. Numerous displays, documents, photos tell about the life of miners' settlement.

There are very attractive expositions about modern town large-scale model of Zhovti Vody, photos, and materials about today's citizens.

Exhibitions of painting, graphic arts, embroidery, sculpture and wood engraving of local craftsmen will be interested for the guests as well.

There are 33 libraries with book fund over 1 mln. copies.

There are 9 religious communities acting in the town, namely: communities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church at Moscow Patriarchy (2), the Ukrainian Orthodox Church at Kyiv Patriarchy, community of Christians of the General Gospel Light of Awakening, Christians of Evangelic Faith Live Waters, Evangelic Christians-Baptists, Seventh-Day Adventists, Judaic community, and Jehovah Witnesses group.

Physical Culture and Sports

The town has strong sports traditions. Today 24 groups of physical training at the enterprises, organizations, educational institutions, teenager clubs at the place of residence are operating. Each seventh citizen goes in for sports.

Sports-and-recreational complex Yuvileiny, 2 children's and youth sports schools, 12 sports grounds, stadium, swimming pool, 22 gymnasiums, recreation centers, are at citizens' service.

New tennis court built in 2003 in the picturesque locality of children's park, owing to the efforts of sports enthusiasts, is very popular among citizens.

The town has numerous sports achievements. Sportsmen from Zhovti Vody performed well at the Ukrainian and international competitions. Over 100 masters of sports, 1 honorary master of sports, 3 master of sports of the international class, were trained in the town.

Tens of sportsmen with various sports ratings are trained in sports schools for children and youth every year. Such sportsmen as Stanislav Knysh, the champion of the second Ukrainian sports games, bronze medallist of the World Student Games, judoist, master of sports, Zinaida Vovk, bronze medallist of the European championship in kiokushin-karate, Nastya Yatsenko and Inna Tsyganok, the European champions in triathlon among juniors, Olexander Sitkovsky, bronze medallist of the European Track-and-field Athletics Cup, etc. are really the persons of natural gifts.

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